Deb Maxwell

When you live in Port Huron, everything that surrounds you is labeled “blue water.” It’s something you get used to — an attitude that stakes out “blue water” as something absurdly unique to this area.

Which is why BLUE WATER BREAK is the only name to call this periodic scan of my local Media Landscape. I hope you enjoy this specialized post to my blog.

Today, I’m zooming in on Deb Maxwell, who’s caught my eye because she’s giving away a “small token of appreciation” to new fans.

Deb is an amazing local artist who now has a Facebook Fan Page. All of a sudden, by the way, I’m seeing lots of Facebook Fan Pages along the Blue Water Blog-o-Side.

Deb owns Red Mudd Studio which is located just a few miles outside of Port Huron.

Her gift offer for new fans is a really nice touch and definitely worth rushing over to her blog to sign up. Even without a gift, however, you are going to find Deb’s blog definitely worth reading. Today’s post, for example, talks about the magnificent mosaic exhibition that’s coming to our local art incubator Studio 1219 later this week. From friends who have seen it in the nearby Birmingham/Bloomfield Art Center, I hear that it is absolutely amazing and a show you won’t want to miss! Deb’s also a great writer, so you’ll enjoy staying tuned to her blog to keep up with what’s happening within our local arts world. Enjoy!

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